Clear Bra PPF protects ands saves on costly paint work.
Clear Bra
Paint Protection Film
Protect your Vehicle with a clear bra from damage caused by bug acids and road debris such as stone, gravel, sand and road asphalt. If you don't see your vehicle's kit listed, ask us, we'll do our best to make it available for you.
We have been trained and Certified by the dealer to install this film!



Titan XT’s proprietary FlexCoat™ Crosslink Technology brings cutting-edge chemistry to paint protection film.

The most common, most damaging concerns on the road today are eliminated with these leading qualities:

  • Exceptional achievement in Stain Resistance!
  • Unmatched resistance to harsh environmental hazards. 
  • Blocks airborne and surface contaminants from discoloring the film. 
  • Tough, durable urethane requires more force and energy to penetrate, providing outstanding protection from rocks, stone and other road hazards. 

FlexCoat™ adds additional sought-after features:

  • Excellent clarity, low profile and high gloss achieves virtually invisible protection. 
  • Faster, easier, hassle-free installation. 
  • Self-healing properties. Can also be hand or machine polished remove deeper scratches for “like new” appearance. 
  • Scuff-resistant, low-friction surface resists dust and dirt. 

Titan XT’s FlexCoat™ bonds with the urethane film and adhesive to provide more unique benefits:

  • Proven adhesive system is engineered for maximum repositionability if adjustments need to be made during installation.
  • Conforms easier to a wide variety of complex curved surfaces.
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